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(and Free Poker Equity Calculator) Drill into new Poker skills, tap into more profits. Ace Poker Drills is designed by successful poker players, for poker players. It will help any player to better remember which starting hands to play with and will help to strengthen their ability to calculate equity, odds, and outs. LEARN MORE Fold Equity | Poker Terms | PokerNews Home Strategy Poker Terms Fold Equity Fold Equity A term referring specifically to the amount of equity a player gains from likelihood of an opponent folding to a bet.

Как пользоваться фолд-эквити калькулятором? Eterjkee 18 April 03:00 | 1406. В данной статье мы рассмотрим работу фолд-эквити калькулятора, используя в качестве примера раздачу с агрессивным розыгрышем дро. Fold Equity - Tournament Poker Strategy - The math… By Tony Guerrera - Tony teaches you the importance of Fold Equity during tournament poker play. This strategy applies for tournaments likeA good poker player is always open-minded enough to intelligently evaluate all possible choices before acting. With that in mind, all your options are as follows Fold Equity в покере - фолд эквити Fold Equity (фолд эквити) – дословно «ценность фолда», то есть вероятность, что противник выкинет свои карты в пас, а вы заберете банк немедленно. Рассчитать эту величину не так просто, ведь помимо обычной для покера математики, здесь нужно учитывать и стиль самого...

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Tommy Angelo Presents: Waiting for Straighters, Part II World-class coach and author Tommy Angelo is now offering poker pain relief to everyone. You can schedule a call to talk to Tommy about bad betting, bad quitting, bad tempers, or whatever else is hurting your game. Online Poker Articles - Push and Fold Strategy A basic strategy approach for dealing with short-stacked situations in tournament poker Randomization Based On Equity - Online Poker Randomizing

If you've played poker's microstakes you know it's a totally different beast than standard poker. Here's the definitive series on beating microstakes poker.

Fold Equity | Flop Turn River The EV of a bet is defined as EVbet = (fold equity)*(pot before our bet) + (1-fold equity) * (actual equity* pot after villain calls – amount to call) Simplified this is simply EVbet = FE * EVfold + (1-FE)*EVcall. Simple Poker EV Calculator | Red Chip Poker EV, short for ‘expected value’ is the focus of every poker player. Our goal is to make as many +EV decisions as possible. Use this calculator. How Poker Equity Can Make Your Game Invincible

Understanding the math of fold equity in poker, with hand examples, calculations and formulae.A basic example of fold equity is when a player pushes with a draw and allows himself to win one of two waysThere are many fold equity calculators online, but most require four pieces of information

A fold equity calculator is a powerful tool that you can use to see how often your opponent must fold when you are shoving your stack. Before you go all-in with your next semi-bluff, or go all-in preflop with a bluff, use this tool to make sure your play is +EV! Fold Equity Calculator. Fold Equity - Texas Hold em Strategy & Poker Rooms Fold equity example. So every time we shove all-in with our drawing hand we will have 71.2% equity in the hand on average. Therefore, whereas calling to complete our draw would be unprofitable with our 42.4% equity, the addition of fold equity in the hand makes our shove a profitable play over the long run. Everything You Need to Know About Fold Equity | Poker Strategy

Or, if you want to discuss poker strategy with other players on the web, you can ... a contemplated call) and fold equity (a calculation made when short-stacked in ...

Explain Poker Like I'm Five: Fold Equity - Poker News Explain Poker Like I'm Five: Fold Equity ... How to Play Poker Poker Rules Poker Hand Rankings Poker Tools Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator Omaha Poker Odds Calculator Poker Training Poker Strategy ... POT ODDS, EQUITY & MATH IN POKER [Poker Strategy] - YouTube Every Tuesday I will present and explain to you a new interesting or important Poker concept. Train Poker with me every Tuesday live on Fold Equity | Flop Turn River From there, it is easy to see that a good amount of fold equity can alter the expectation of our hand and turn what might be a marginal bet into a good one. Example Villain raised ATC on the button but would fold everything but AJ+, TT+ to a raise.

Tommy Angelo Presents: Waiting for Straighters, Part II